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"Chrono Trigger" F-777 remix "Chrono Trigger" F-777 remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really Nice.

Really Nice.

The high percs are a lot crispier than what I had. A lot of energy coming out of them, makes me want to shake it.

I think the kick was ducking a bit. Maybe needs more compression / gain to give it added "umph". I wouldn't consider it a mistake, maybe you wanted to highlight your arp and lead instead. In which case, just ignore what I just said.

As for the ending, I like it. It's more creative than sticking to the original score. Thinking about the ending though: To Far Away Times is at it's roots a medley that ends with "Memories of Green". Maybe instead of trying to transpose Memories of Green you should do a retake of another Chrono Trigger song and use that as your ending. If you're interested, take a listen to "At the Bottom of Night" from 1:29 to the end. That's kind of what I'm thinking, You'll have to re-phrase the song to get it to flow with "To Far Away Times" and maybe transpose or change keys, but you probably already know what I mean.

Keep rocking it.

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